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Designing LED Driver

Designing LED Driver

This Video explains how to build and Simulate at home easily Current Driver for LED Light, by using just two major parts:
1. Operational amplifier (general purpose, or any kind)
2. Mosfet N-Ch Driver
3. Current sense Resistor (this is just a resistor lower usually than 1 ohms, and you have to make sure that the power is enough so it will not burn by P=U*I
Calculate the by Current – the voltage on the sense resistor, and put voltage divider on positive input of OPAMP according your calculation.
This is all you need

LM741 Opamp on Ebay: LM741 on Ebay
Current Sense Resistor: Current Sense Resistor
COB LED on Ebay: COB LED on Ebay
N-Chanel Mosfet: N Ch Mosfet on Ebay


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Written by RoeeBloch

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