Arduino Nano with RFM69HW Transceiver module

Arduino Nano with RFM69HW Transceiver module

This shows how to connect Arduino nano with RFM69HW module.
The documentation is not complete, so in order to complete this project you have to take care of the following:
1. RFM69HW need antenna – so connect wire according to your frequency of board (in case of 433Mhz = 17 cm wire)
2. This module SPI signals and board is 3.3V, so use shifting level (preferred resistors only!)
3. In Transmit mode the power is high, so you should use 3.3V 500mA power supply, the Nano power is not good enough)
4. Connect on 3.3V Tantalum capacitor of 100uF (to ensure power when transmitting)
5. connect module DIO0 to Arduino D2 (this is the interrupt in that you should use in RXTXBlinky program)

SPI PINS Connections:
D10 —–> NSS
D11 —–> MOSI
D12 —–> MISO
D13 —–> SCK
—————— 3.3V —> connect external 3.3V

RFM69HW link on ebay: RFM69HW on Ebay


See Part 2 here: Arduino Nano with RFM69HW Part 2


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Written by RoeeBloch

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Arduino Nano with RFM69HW Transceiver module – Part2