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Connecting PS3 to Arduino – Video and Code

Connecting PS3 to Arduino – Video and Code

See here how this works.
The Code is below

1. PS3 Remote Control
Ebay: PS Remote on Ebay
Amazon: PS Remote on Amazon
2. Arduino Uno
Ebay: Arduino Uno Link
Amazon: Arduino Uno Link on Amazon
3. H Bridge Chip
Ebay: H Bridge Chip Link
Amazon: H Bridge Chip Link Amazon
4. Car chassis
Ebay: Car Chassis Link
Amazon: Car Chassis Link Amazon
5. Eneloop batteries
Ebay: AA Batteries BEST!
Amazon: AA Batteries BEST! on Amazon
6. Batteries holder
Ebay: Batteries Holder
Amazon: Batteries Holder
7. USB Shield
Ebay: USB shield on Ebay
Amazon: USB shield on Amazon
8. USB Dongle
ebay: USB dongle Ebay
Amazon: USB dongle Amazon

Code is here:

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Written by RoeeBloch

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