Esp8266 home automation control

esp8266 home automation control

This is an Example of simple and cheap module from home automation.
This module cost around 2$ and development board only 6$.
It comes with wifi connection with a very simple steps, you have also 10 GPIOs that you can control, ability for PWM, SPI, UART, one wire and more.
This is a basic example of controlling my home door from any where via simple WEB interface.
I will provide later my code and links where to buy it

You can buy development board here on ebay: Esp8266 Development board

you can buy the StandAlone board on ebay here: esp-8266-Stand-Alone board Product – 1PCS Wireless module CH340 NodeMcu V3 Lua WIFI Internet of Things development board based ESP8266

Arduino Isolated Relay for connecting with ESP8266: Arduino Isolated Relay x 2