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HC-12 Module Testing Code

code example

First in order to Program Connect Module “SET” Pin to GND and then power on Module
Make sure you are in 9600 BAUD rate and ‘Carriage Return’

Use These Commands:
‘AT+RP’ – read power
‘AT+RC’ read current channel

check by writing ‘AT’ make sure you get ‘OK’ if you got this so you are OK!
‘AT+C001’ – This Choose Channel1
‘AT+P1’ – Lowest Power out (0.8mW)
Read Power: ‘AT+RC’ you will get ‘RP:-01dBm’
‘AT+P8’ – Highset power 100mW (reading you will get ‘OK+RP:+20dBm’)
‘AT+B19200’ – Set Baud rate to 19200
‘AT+RB’ – read out Baud rate, You will get ‘OK+B19200’
‘AT+V’ – read SW Version on Mdule, My Module gives back ‘HC-12_V2.3’
‘AT+DEFAULT’ get everything to Default Mode
‘AT+Udps’ – This Set UART as followos: Set data bits (d), parity (p), and stop bits (s) for serial port communication. For parity, N means none, O means odd check, and E means even check. For stop bits, 1 means one stop bit, 2 means two stop bits, and 3 means 1.5 stop bits

You can Buy it from Ebay here: HC-12 Module On Ebay Link
You Can Buy it from Amazon here: HC-12 Module From Amazon
You Can Buy it from Ali-express here: Product – 1pcs 433Mhz HC-12 SI4463 Wireless Serial Port Module 1000m Replace Bluetooth NEW
Link to USB to UART for Configuring the Module on Ebay: USB FT232 Dual Voltage configuration

Link to Manual: Manual PDF

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Written by RoeeBloch

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