Lesson 11 Christmas Tree lights – part 2

Lesson 11 Christmas Tree lights – part 2

Video for Theory: lesson-11-christmas-tree-part-1
Video with Strong Leds: lesson-11-christmas-tree-lights-part-3
Code Based on This Theory: lesson-11-christmas-tree-lights-code-example

This is movie about the project.
What I did is defined 7 different patterns, these patterns can run one by one or in Random way.
The example on LEDS can work on 110V or 220V lamps (Be careful, and make sure that you know what you do, this voltage can kill you!)
The patterns are: moving left, moving right, Binary up, blink half and half, blink all together, blink 2 and 2, binary Down.
The advantages – that you can set number of lamps from 2 to 8, and the program will change the way it is according to the number of lamps (relays) that you chosen.
Also the delay time – is Set able, and in the Random pattern the delay will be changed in each pattern (from 100mS to 1Sec)
I will share my code later

What do you think?

Written by RoeeBloch

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