Lesson 12 – Logic Gates code

Lesson 12 – Logic Gates code
In this Lesson I will teach about LOGIC Gates, with a very FUN and Simple Program.
The Program will Light LEDS and Print On Screen According to LOGIC GATES: AND, OR, NOT, NAND (other will be covered in Next lessons)

This Program is Educational to learn about Logic Gates: AND, OR, NOT and NAND (other will be covered later)
It works like this:
You connect wires to inputs of Arduino, and LEDS to OUTPUTS
For AND 2,3 are inputs 4 is output
For OR 5,6 are inputs 7 is output
For NOT 8 input and 9 is output
For NAND 10,11 inputs and 12 is output

To all outputs connect LEDS as described (HELP is on screen when running) – RUN
Menu->TOOLs->Seiral Monitor , choose on bottom right Baud 57,600

By YOUR inputs the LED’s Will Be changed according to LOGIC FUNCTION of gate
Also on screen you will see results (ZERO or ONE LOGIC)

A VIDEO will be sent for This one Later




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Written by RoeeBloch

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