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Nuc i7 Intel

Nuc i7 Intel

This video shows how to connect Memory DRAM and SSD Drive in new Nuc computer – I7, this is the newest as for July 2017.
This NUC has 2 x proccessors (not 4 like big PC) – this is due to limitattion of power I guess.

Parts of this PC are:
1. INTEL NUC Kit NUC717BNH – BOXNUC717BNH Link on ebay: Intel NUC I7 NUC717BNH
2. Memory CRUCIAL 16GB Kit (8G x 2) DDR4-2133 SODIMM – CT2K8G4SFD8213 – link on ebay: Memory 16GB Kit for NUC I7
3. Intel SSD 600P SERIES (256GB, M.2 80MM) – SSDPEKKW256G7X1 – link on Ebay: Link for SSD 600P for NUC I7


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Written by RoeeBloch

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