Programming Chevy cruze 2012 remote key

Programming Chevy cruze 2012 remote key

This Video shows the simple procedure of programming new key bought from EABY, cost less than 20$ and working perfectly
Make sure to check your key frequency, cause it can be
315Mhz or 433Mhz, you might need some frequency meter, since it is not written on the key itself
Also other cars are usually programmer in different way, each car and some times there is a different between models of same manufacturer.
Also keep in mind that some of the keys can be programmed only with specific programming computer of the car manufacturer.
So first search how your car key is programmed perior to buying keys
Chevy Cruze key on Amazon: Chevy Cruze key on Amazon
Link to key on ebay: Key for Programming on ebay
Link to Frequency counter on ebay: Frequency counter on ebay


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